A fair bit of cursing never gets out of style when trying to combine boring data into a useful site like  www.wherethefuckshouldigofordrinks.com.

I know there plenty of other examples of this shit ( such as www.goodfuckingdesignadvice.com) and although it maybe a long gone trend, it’s still produces a smile, thus should be part of my personal collection.

By the way, back here in rotterdam a cute little initiative uses the same tactics in their brand name ”What the Fuck Rotterdam

Loving it. Cursing it. 


Love and respect for this Dutch art project that offers to drop flowers from helicopters or bomber planes.

When a piece combines awkward and extreme opposite into a work  that overwhelms and surprises you,I’ll stand up to salute creators. Stuff like this is why we need art. Surprise and impress or better yet… “Shock and Aw.” 

The king of  ”just do it”


This is how you start a project. This is how to stay stubborn and stick to what makes sense, instead of caving in under pressure of negativity.

This is how to disrupt your community for the better.

But most of all, this is how to take the stage, capture the entire crowd and kick-some- ass!

If ever in L.A. I’ll be sure to bring a shovel and get to it with these dudes from greengrounds

Although an oldie, this approach is still very interesting today and is spread out over all kind of industries. Consider how to use the crowd in your business, because it is inevitable and logic.

Unlock ( to action)

This use of the apple slider in an Ipad magazine add for amnesty international is THE example of brilliant use of “simple” technology radiating a clear, strong message. The call to action (to become an activist) is also better than ever before, since  as the user, you are already halfway there. Before you know it, you’ve opened the prison door. Next step: become an activist by text. Brilliant, just brilliant.

There’s also this nice little screensafer for iphone and ipad. Both are great uses of the platform but I can’t stop wondering how to push the level of engagement further.

Could we think of a way to generate positive result by unlocking your phone or Ipad? Maybe something along the lines of “likes” for a specific cause, or a combination with a big brand that donates $0,001 to an amnesty cause everytime people unlock there phone? What about tossing in a rating game? (“you’ve unlocked xxxx amount of digital prisoners. You’re now 3d from the top”) Or combine it with foursquare or Repudo?(“Unlock you’re phone on this location to release an xxx amount of prisoners”) Come to think of it, isn’t amnesty a great story source for x-box games? Mix it with some first person shooter game and the amnesty element could be the diplomatic part of the story. If we could only find a way of making these “digital liberations” relevant in the offline world. It can’t be that hard, can it?

All the interconnectivity through mobile devices, constant internet access, opensource structures and social networks, is changing the face of advertising more than anything. This opens up an enormous amount of dazzling opportunities especially for “good causes”.It is pretty obvious that it will make advertising a lot less intruding, more beautiful and much more relevant to it’s user. It will probably pave the way for low-acces activism ignited by campaigns that understands the (limited) level of engagement, present their causes with the proper tone of voice, techniques and visual appearance that  gives value to consumers rather than just taking their money.

For now,if you care to give your money to Amnesty the old fashioned way, carry on here.

Hitchcock is back with a digital vengeance

This stuff is so much closer than we think. All these technologies already exsist in various forms. Stoked about what this could do for digital interaction in the offline world. The border between digital and analog, online and offline is fading fast. Merging into this one world of interconnectivity. Can’t wait to get there.

But digital excitement aside, I wanted to show you the vid. This super slick, all-perfect happy-family is so botoxically happy it’s frightening. Strange choice of video style to promote a hyper digital future that might already be a scary idea to most consumers. This video family really scared the shit out of me. Hitchcock, are you back?

"Google Streetview, I presume?"

A while back, during a explorative mission of the wide web, I stumbled upon this article. I was fairly excited to read that google streetview has now developed a trike that can take their technology to the most remote places in the world.

Apparently, google is teaming up with an organisation in the Amazon, who invited them to capture the fast decay of the rainforrest and show this to the world. This content will make for some great innovation on the “safe the rainforrest” campaign front. (A type of advertising that is in dire need of a different tone of voice, if you ask me.)

The brilliance however, is not just in the trike. It’s the symbolism. Digital exploration will get back on the ground and into the area’s we’re our fancy, rich-ass cars can’t go. The digital divide will still remain for some time to come, but at least we are making progress.

Now that google is paddling through the amazon Area, we can go anywhere. Imagine exploring the wild rivers of South-America, the winding rise paddy tracks of Asia or the red dirtroads leading deep into the darkest hearts of Africa, all from your couch-patato H.Q.

The final frontier has shifted once again. Columbo didn’t fall of the earth when he hit Cuba, the pacific breeze at the end of route 66 wasn’t the end of the great voyage to the West. From the Californian shores, pioneering just drove upwards to the stars. After stepping on (and off) the moon, mankind presumed exploration final. Along came the internet, and we could start all over again. This step of downscaling the google streetview car to a trike, will bring exploration back to the ground, while sending their findings further into infinity than Armstrong could have ever dreamed of.

I had nearly forgot my high esteem of the company, but my enthusiasm sky rocketed when I saw these options for streetview on their site

Bringing streetview to a museum really hits the Brilliance mark If you ask me. It bridges more that just geographical or financial obstacles like “It’s to far, we can’t afford to visit that museum”. Being able to visit inside museums will bridge the gap between the elite and the rest of us, makeing these hidden tombs of art accessible to everybody willing to explore.

Google on baby, I’m all in. Livingstone, if you can hear us… get yourself some WIFI, you’ll love it.


The Origin Of Famous Logos

The Grapevine project is animated cartoon quiz ( or experiment as you will) that wonders how different players in development work view each others roles. And how they think the others view them.

(Source: vimeo.com)

Edited the Enviu Showreel for the 5th anniversary.

(Source: vimeo.com)

Wie is Anton?

Heb de regie gedaan voor deze ”docu" over een man die arbeidsongeschikt is geworden. Hoe dat is en wat je werkgever eraan kan doen.

Deel 1 van 3.

Klant: Centraal Beheer Achmea

Bureau: sniper-X

Creatie: Sylvia Nelissen, Cees-Jan de Melker

Productie: Starsound.nl

Camera: Ralph de Weijer

Regie: Just Boon

(Source: wieisanton.nl)

Wat is Anton?

Heb de regie gedaan voor deze ”docu" over een man die arbeidsongeschikt is geworden. Hoe dat is en wat je werkgever eraan kan doen.

Deel 2 van 3.

Klant: Centraal Beheer Achmea

Bureau: sniper-X

Creatie: Sylvia Nelissen, Cees-Jan de Melker

Productie: Starsound.nl

Camera: Ralph de Weijer

Regie: Just Boon

(Source: wieisanton.nl)

Waar is Anton?

Heb de regie gedaan voor deze ”docu" over een man die arbeidsongeschikt is geworden. Hoe dat is en wat je werkgever eraan kan doen.

Deel 3 van 3.

Klant: Centraal Beheer Achmea

Bureau: sniper-X

Creatie: Sylvia Nelissen, Cees-Jan de Melker

Productie: Starsound.nl

Camera: Ralph de Weijer

Regie: Just Boon

(Source: wieisanton.nl)

Meetup is an online free service that helps you find other people in your local community who share the same interests as you. The big idea is: find & connect online, meet offline. This is great social media tool to meet people around you. Try an account I say, it works brilliant.

Today, they sent me this email. Its their story of origin. I’ve found it a beautiful story that exactly embodies my excitement about the potential of online structure with an offline effect. I share this email here, because this story is a icon of the #JUSTdoit spirit.

“Fellow Meetuppers,

I don’t write to our whole community often, but this week is special because it’s the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and many people don’t know that Meetup is a 9/11 baby.

Let me tell you the Meetup story. I was living a couple miles from the Twin Towers, and I was the kind of person who thought local community doesn’t matter much if we’ve got the internet and tv. The only time I thought about my neighbors was when I hoped they wouldn’t bother me.

When the towers fell, I found myself talking to more neighbors in the days after 9/11 than ever before. People said hello to neighbors (next-door and across the city) who they’d normally ignore. People were looking after each other, helping each other, and meeting up with each other. You know, being neighborly.

A lot of people were thinking that maybe 9/11 could bring people together in a lasting way. So the idea for Meetup was born: Could we use the internet to get off the internet — and grow local communities?

We didn’t know if it would work. Most people thought it was a crazy idea — especially because terrorism is designed to make people distrust one another.

A small team came together, and we launched Meetup 9 months after 9/11.

Today, almost 10 years and 10 million Meetuppers later, it’s working. Every day, thousands of Meetups happen. Moms Meetups, Small Business Meetups, Fitness Meetups… a wild variety of 100,000 Meetup Groups with not much in common — except one thing.

Every Meetup starts with people simply saying hello to neighbors. And what often happens next is still amazing to me. They grow businesses and bands together, they teach and motivate each other, they babysit each other’s kids and find other ways to work together. They have fun and find solace together. They make friends and form powerful community. It’s powerful stuff.

It’s a wonderful revolution in local community, and it’s thanks to everyone who shows up.

Meetups aren’t about 9/11, but they may not be happening if it weren’t for 9/11.

9/11 didn’t make us too scared to go outside or talk to strangers. 9/11 didn’t rip us apart. No, we’re building new community together!!!!

The towers fell, but we rise up. And we’re just getting started with these Meetups.

Scott Heiferman (on behalf of 80 people at Meetup HQ) Co-Founder & CEO, Meetup New York City September 2011”

Cool story, don’t you think?


This product makes so much sense, it makes our “normal” roads look like a stone age invention.

SolarRoadways produces highways that capture solar energy, indicates traffic info through LED lights embedded in the surface of the road, reads traffic ahead, melts snow of the road, is made from extreme strong glass and built on a foundation ofrecycled garbage.

This basically turns the whole roadway network into an electricity grid, ( potentially)delivering solar energy right up to your front door.

Although I’m a little spooked that this means the government can also track  all individual cars (and thus people), it’s still thrilling to see how this will save energy and make the actual use of highways better and saver at the same time. Very much the new school way for sustainable businesses.

Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown eat your heart out. Maybe you can volunteer with some futuristic expertise?